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Our school have fifty-seven classes. Besides regular classes, there are three special classes: music class, social studies class and math and science gifted class. We have more than 2000 students, including 15 boy students in music class.

Math and Science gifted class

We have been allowed to set up Math & Science Class since 1989. With systematic teaching and enlightening guidance, our students have had outstanding performances and excellent grades in College Entrance Examination.

English Gifted Class

We have had English Experimentation Class since 1997. Enhancement in English abilities is emphasized in this class, expecting students to have a good command of English language. With carefully devised classes, the foreign teachers stimulate students’ interests by lively teaching methods.

Music Class

Our school is the only high school with music class in Tainan Area.  We recruit girl and also boy students, who specialize in music. Besides regular subjects like Chinese, English, Math, etc, students are required to take one-on-one class depending on their musical instrument. Over eighty teachers are working hard on training students to hone their skills. Lights can been in the music building for their practice time after school.


To make our students more competitive in their interested fields after graduation, this school is equipped with modern equipment, including biology, chemistry, physical abs, etc. Different types of labs also can be seen in all of the subjects, such as English, Chinese, Social Studies, etc.

Computer room

Two computer rooms, located in the library building, are respectively equipped with fifty computers installed subject-related software for student use and also satisfy the needs of the teaching.

Science building

On the first floor lie two audio-visual classrooms to facilitate teaching. Two to fifth floors are laboratories, two for physics, two for chemistry, and two for biology. With the strong needs of doing scientific experiments, these labs play a pretty major role to motivate students to do research with the help of teachers.


The library is a four-story building, situated at the back of the campus. The first floor houses a small speech hall providing 120 seats for seminars, speeches or teaching. It contains modern equipment with a projector, two computers, great sound systems and, most importantly, cozy seats. On the second floor is the study room with more than 150 seats for students to study. The third floor is the circulation counter, and open shelves convenient for students to choose their books. Newspapers, periodicals, reference materials, and audio-visual equipment also can be seen in this floor. Circulation services are all computer-based; readers may borrow library materials by use of their valid student IDs. The library has a collection of more than 60,000 books, 50 types of periodicals, and ten different newspapers. The library also offers ten computers for students and teachers to access the data.

Great learning environment

Each classroom is equipped with individual air conditioners, microphone devices, a computer with internet access, a 50-inch LCDs, and bright lighting to make sure that each student is in the best learning environment possible. Wireless connected service is everywhere on campus, offering easy access for faculty and students to get information through the Internet.

Second Language Classes

We also offer Japanese, Spanish, French and German courses for freshmen and juniors in order to broaden their international horizons and develop their interests in learning foreign languages.