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International Exchange

In this global village, we cannot just confine our students to this small island. We grasp every opportunity to offer our students chances to go abroad to see the world and communicate with their peers of different races.

Since 2005, we have started our educational travel to visit Japanese high schools, allowing our students to exchange with the Japanese students of the same age. They exchange usually brings a lot of good feedback from students for they know what students in other countries think and act.

Students are also motivated to study abroad if any chances. Right now we have a student from France to stay in this school for one year.

Exchange student

Under the promotion of MOE, we have a French girl student in 2009, who is set to stay here for one year. Her being here arouses our students’ interests to know more what France is like. We also held related activity to better their understanding of this country.

Exchange Program:

National Tainan Girls’ High School
Exchange Program

Preferred Visiting CountriesAmerica , Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Britain, Japan, Singapore
Host Institution WantedSecondary School (10th to 12th graders)
Preferred Time for Proposed Program■Jan ■Feb □Mar □Apr □May □June
■July ■Aug □Sept □Oct □Nov □Dec
Duration of Proposed Program14 days
Content of Program Wanted1. Take courses on language learning, cultures and customs to cultivate language skills in an authentic environment and promote understanding of cultures.
2. Take part in school clubs to get immersed in the foreign secondary school life.
3. Join relevant events and activities to experience the student life in foreign countries..
Special Needs1. Boarding within the school or with host families.
2. Daily assistance (transportation, health care, daily necessities and so on) for students.
3. Counselors providing students help during trips.
Estimated Numbers of Participants22 participants (20 students 2 teachers)
Remarks for ApplicantsApplicants should…
1. Be a government-accredited school.
2. Have the passion for promoting cultural understanding between countries.
Documents for Application1. Introduction of applicant institution.
2. Proof stating that applicant school is government-accredited.
3. Budget plan.
4. Syllabus of classes and itinerary.
About Us1. National Tainan Girls’ High School was founded in 1917, located in the southern Taiwan. Our school is the top high school in Tainan area.
2. There are three types of classes in our school-music, special talents in math and science, social and humanity.
3. We are devoted to developing not only students’ academic performances but also their physical fitness. We gain lots of acclamations from competitions.
4. To expand students’ horizons, we have been giving lectures on diverse topics and planning multiple clubs. Plus, our school puts great emphasis on building a bilingual learning environment and cultivating students’ international vision.
For More InformationWebsite:
Contact UsLiaison person: Donald Liu
Address: No. 97, Ta-Pu Street, Tainan City, Taiwan.
Phone number: 886-6-2154712
Mobile phone: 886-921279738
Fax number: 886-6-2159467