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This school was founded by incorporating two schools during the Japanese rule of Taiwan. One was the First Girls’ Senior Middle School of Tainan County established in 1917. The other was the Second Girls’ Senior Middle School of Tainan County established in 1921 and renamed the Provincial Tainan First Girls’ Middle School after the restoration. In 1947, the school was renamed the Provincial Tainan Girls’ Middle School. In August 1970, the school was further renamed the Provincial Tainan Girls’ Senior High School, and finally in February 2000, given its present name, “National Tainan Girls’ Senior High School.” In 1971, A Complementary School on the Air was added to the school but terminated in 1975. In 1984, an Experimental Music Class was set up for musically gifted students, including both boys and girls. In1987, an Experimental Math and Science Class was set up for gifted students in these fields. In August 2003, a Bilingual Resource Class was established for gifted students in the related fields. Taken together, all these measures have made this school an excellent preparatory school for college education.

Under the leadership of the principals hitherto, our faculty and staff, in accordance with the Republic of China’s educational purport, work out effective and ingenuous ways to enhance the quality of teaching and cultivate a unique campus culture of our own. For the past eighty years, this school has been renowned for its refined and intellectual atmosphere on campus and outstanding alumnae in all fields of society.

The percentage of our graduates who pass the Joint Entrance Examination has always been one of the highest in Taiwan. The school authorities also put equal emphasis on language training, science education, extracurricular activities and physical education. Exposed to this lively milieu of learning, our students have made quite a few remarkable achievements in local, provincial, national or even international contests.

To meet the trend of globalization and computerization, our teachers keep updating their professional knowledge and apply the very latest teaching methods and aids to teaching. To help students cope with the rapidly changing society, we instill new ideas and concepts into them and encourage their independent thinking and research. Liberal and moral education are simultaneously emphasized to broaden their vision of the world and enhance their standards of morality. With the efforts made by all teachers and students, we believe this school will continue its glorious tradition of cultivating the best students and citizens in society as it has always been doing for the past eighty years.